HOW TO REGISTER FOR THE ONLINE COURSE-(Prove the worth of your Business Idea)

1. Make a direct bank transfer to the following banks

             Name: The Business Outliers

             Bank:Guaranty Trust Bank Plc

            Account No: 0244623161

Online course cost

Five Thousand Naira Only 5,000 Naira


2. Once payment is made, take a screenshot of payment confirmation to or

3. On receipt of payment, access to the workshop will be granted




Growth Outliers Bootcamp 30 days Online Business Strategy

Key Features

  • Learn how to prove your business and idea, prepare for the market
  • Tailored business strategy sessions
  • Learn to turn your idea into a profitable business
  • Hands-on workshop on creating a business model that will help you gain access to financing.
  • Dozens of real life examples of business models that are potentially disruptive and suited for the African market.


  • Free eBook –Idea meets Market
  • Free eBook on how to find the right source of capital for your business.
  • Resources –Videos, books, materials.
  • Membership of closed business community

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Growth Outliers Bootcamp Introduction




How to Prove the worth of your Business Idea

This online course is designed to provide an easy way through which entrepreneurs can create business ideas that are fit for the locale and cheaply test if these ideas are viable.

What you would learn

With the use of numerous examples, in house proprietary worksheets, and resources and publication, you will discover ways to easily achieve the following.

  • Generate a business idea fit for the African market.
  • Test your idea with minimal resources.
  • Validate your business idea.
  • How to easily and cheaply identify market risk.

This course is for you

If you have a business idea and you’re looking for a way to test if the idea will make money in Africa, without wasting resources in doing so.

If you find it hard to decide which business to start.

If you are in need of a proven way to generate business ideas or prospects.


To watch a video click on the link

How to Prove the ,Worth of your Business Idea

To register, kindly click on the link below for course details




Idea Meets Market- Free for a limited time eBook

Idea Meets Market- Five critical steps to validate business ideas in the African market space – Ebook 

All through my career, I have helped entrepreneurs achieve success in both small and big ways. Some have raised financing, while others have successfully proven their business ideas.

Do you have a business idea, and you want to know if it is a good one, without spending too much money ? You’re not alone, a lot of the people I work with have the same concerns.

They were looking for simple, cheap and effective ways to know if their business idea can make money, and that’s why I wrote ‘’idea meets market’’.

It’s a business start-up book, that shows how successful African entrepreneurs have used minimal resources to validate their business idea.

The results gotten from this process, forms the premise for building high growth business, which investors seek.

I am giving the eBook out, FREE for a limited time via the link below.



\\Click here to opt for the book Idea Meets Market- by Olawunmi Olatunji