Youth Business Academy

Youth Business Academy is an Entrepreneurial Education Program designed to help young people think outside the box and nurture unconventional talents and skills. School curriculum provides a lot of pressure on students to follow specific steps in order to be successful, but the reality of the real world is that careers do not provide a recipe for success,

Youth Business Academy provides Youths, Teens, and Pre-teens with basic business development and entrepreneurial skills needed to grow business. Through our program, the youths will learn to develop and push substantial entrepreneurial ideas and take steps to expand those ideas. We teach youth the capacity not only to start companies but also to think creatively and ambitiously. They learn to be innovative and doers, makers and cutting-edge thinkers that the world needs.


The Youth Business Academy is not your regular school environment; it provides participants with the liberation to think freely, be creative and explore their in-built innovative minds.

We provide business skills, creative thinking, communication skills and many more.

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