Meet our Team

The business Outliers advises companies on strategic business concepts, using simple yet innovative methods.We have


advised clients on ideation, conceptualization and execution processes in their business —we help entrepreneurs  transit


seamlessly from the idea stage, to achieve real and profitable business growth.



Founded by Olawunmi Olatunji

Olawunmi Olatunji, Nigeria, is the founder of The Business Outliers, a company that helps businesses transit from the


idea stage to achieving real and measurable business growth. An entrepreneur and experienced business strategist, her


previous experience spans a decade in the finance and petroleum sectors. She “believes in adding value to budding


businesses,” and “has a great passion for growth” and seeing young entrepreneurs succeed. She has mentored



entrepreneurs with several institutions for nearly a decade.


In her earlier career, Olawunmi gained cross-industry experience and developed valuable expertise while working in


the financial service industry. She understands risk and enterprise development. This understanding developed into a


passion for helping early-stage business growth. She has focused her expertise on business advising to help a number of


early- stage businesses develop successful business models and write business plans. She also delivers workshops and


seminars on entrepreneurship, business modelling and finance, business growth.


Olawunmi is the Author of ‘’Idea meets Market’’, a business startup ebook, which showcases how successful African


entrepreneurs easily and quickly prove their business idea, with the minimal resources.



Olamide Nwaosa,
Actives of The Business Outliers, are jointly manged  Olamide Nwaosa, by who is a member of the Association of


Chartered Certified Accountants . Olamide has a bachelors degree in accounting from Oxford Brookes University, in the


UK. And she has gain nearly 10 years of financial  experience, working at Lloyds TSB bank, and NHS foundation



trust, both in the UK, in addition to working in the petroleum industry in Nigeria.