Partner benefits

Partnership Overview

Outlier Venture Lab collaborates with visionary corporations that have made science-based climate commitments. These companies are leading the charge in corporate sustainability and actively seek partnerships with next-generation technologies to drive the transition to a clean energy economy. Our partners play a pivotal role in supporting the growth of Outlier Venture Lab's startups, with a special focus on Africa-focused solutions that address the energy, agriculture, and other climate challenges faced by vulnerable communities. Through strategic partnerships, our corporate allies provide vital support as strategic partners, investors, customers, and pilot sites. These collaborations empower startups to embed themselves within the climatetech and clean tech ecosystem, gaining exposure to cutting-edge technologies and solutions. Partnering with Outlier Venture Lab also provides organizations with the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to sustainable practices and their dedication to uplifting vulnerable communities. Day-to-day, these partnerships offer countless opportunities for entrepreneurs and corporates to exchange ideas and establish meaningful connections. These opportunities include pitch events, knowledge-sharing sessions, personalized mentoring, immersive facility tours, corporate innovation days, participation on Outlier Venture Lab's Advisory Board, workspace arrangements at Outlier Venture Lab, and more.

Partnership Benefits

If you are eager to tap into the transformative potential of Africa-focused startups addressing energy, agriculture, and climate challenges, Outlier Venture Lab is the ideal partner for you. Our partnership offerings are designed to promote extensive interaction and collaboration between corporate partners and our dynamic startup community. Our partnership program is tailored to offer unique opportunities for partners to engage with Outlier Venture Lab members, fellow corporate entities, and other key stakeholders in the ecosystem.

Become a Corporate Partner

By becoming a corporate partner, organizations can align their innovation and sustainability goals with the mission of Outlier Venture Lab while making a tangible impact on vulnerable communities in Africa. Partners collaborate with Outlier Venture Lab in various ways, gaining access to a curated selection of exceptional startups focused on addressing critical energy, agriculture, and climate challenges. They invest in our member startups, become valuable customers, pilot technologies, exchange invaluable insights, and serve as mentors. Through these partnerships, organizations can leverage their industry expertise, connections, and resources to drive the development and deployment of innovative solutions that transform vulnerable communities' lives. Are you interested in becoming a partner and making a difference in Africa? Please fill out this form, and our team will be in touch.