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Outlier Venture lab is a climate & energy focused venture building platform started by  in 2018. The program aims to nurture and empower startups that address pressing environmental challenges. We have hosted companies working on innovative solutions such as plastic recycling, paper recycling for roofing materials, solar cook stoves, solar lamps, and plastic recycling for manufacturing floor tiles, among others.

At Outlier Venture Lab, we believe in the power of collaboration and support. That’s why we have partnered and received support  from esteemed organisations and individuals who share our vision. We are grateful for the support of GTbank, Basheer Tosin Ashafa (BAT), Fastizers Confectionery Limited, and many others who have played a significant role in driving the success of our program.

To ensure our entrepreneurs receive the best-in-class support, we have assembled a team of dedicated mentors, coaches, speakers and advisors. These industry experts bring their wealth of knowledge and experience to guide and uplift our entrepreneurs as they navigate the challenges of building their startups. Some of our esteemed mentors include Sam Rosenfeld, Chairman at Verdigris Holdings USA; Nelson Amoo, CEO at Inno Hub Ghana; Victor Amusa, Founder of Vicfold Recyclers Nigeria; Adan Mohammed, Co-founder of Ecodudu Kenya; Olumide Lawson, Director at Sahel Capital; and NSE Olugbenga, General Manager at Women Banking NG.

In 2021, the Initiative got a renewed focus under Brockville Investments Limited, to drive positive change. With a strong commitment to addressing pressing environmental challenges, our aim is to create a sustainable and resilient future.

Under the new administration, we continues to run the Outlier Venture Lab program, empowering climate-focused startups and providing them with the necessary resources and support to thrive. Our mission is to foster innovation, entrepreneurship, and impactful solutions that tackle climate change and promote sustainability.

As part of our efforts, we have developed an industry-focused approach with distinct tracks tailored to partner with companies in specific sectors. These tracks include Outlier Build (construction), Outlier Energize (power), Outlier Make (manufacturing), Outlier Grow (agriculture), Outlier Move (clean transport), and Outlier earth (extractive industries). Through these partnerships, we aim to create valuable solutions and add value to our partner companies.

Through strategic partnerships, mentorship, and access to a network of industry experts, we strive to create an ecosystem that nurtures and accelerates the growth of startups working on innovative solutions. By supporting these entrepreneurs, we aim to drive technological advancements, create jobs, and contribute to the overall well-being of communities.

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