How To Retain Your Top Sales Talents

How To Retain Your Top Sales Talents

Are you looking for the best way to bring in high performing sales persons into your organisation? When you finally hire these “fresh and most innovative” talents, how can you, as a business owner, do your due diligence to make sure that they remain loyal to your business? That’s what you will take away at the end of this article.

First of all, let’s understand who these “fresh and most innovative” talents are. When you know who they are, and what they want “out of life” and in their career, you know how they think and what you can do to keep them.
Who are these Top Sales Talents (T.S.T)?
1. They are competent people. They are able to perform well under pressure because of their industry-related competence and flexibility.
2. They are innovative and open to challenges. They are good problem solvers who collaborate effectively with others.
3. They are highly-motivated and self-driven. They are aware of the influence a person’s mindset has on their surroundings. As a result, they don’t whine when they’re given a difficult assignment. Instead, they keep their spirits up and focus on what needs to be done to overcome a problem.
4. They believe in the company’s mission. They are goal-oriented. They begin each day by reviewing their personal and professional goals, then tailoring their actions accordingly. When they have to make a decision about sales or work, they think about whether their choice will help them reach their goals.
5. Their desire is to have work-life balance. In order to maintain routines and achieve long-term results, top sales talents understand how important it is to maintain a healthy work-life balance and to set aside time for personal well-being.
Tips for Managing Top Sales Talents
Having understood who top sales talents are, to keep them you need to learn how to manage them better. The following are seven strategies you can apply as a business owners;

1). First and foremost, emphasise the need of being flexible rather than being micromanaged.
Good sales employees are more likely to perform well if they are driven by a need for control over their job. Make sure you’re receptive to learning from top sales performers who find more efficient and creative ways to get things done.

2). Provide regular feedbacks but ensure they’re constructive
High-performing employees are known to seek ways of improvement, and so regular and constructive feedback is necessary. How? By having regular meetings with them. This can be once per week or twice every month. Go over the work, give comments, and talk about the long-term objectives. In this case, consistency is more important than how often you meet.

3). Assist them in achieving their goals.
Get to know your sales team better by spending time with them. Learn about the challenges they face and the resources they require so you may help them succeed.

4). Inform them of the ways in which they can contribute and benefit.
Involving your high-performing sales talents in unique projects can help them stay highly motivated. Ensure they know what new skill they will acquire by carrying out those activities.

5). Create possibilities for personal and professional development.
In many cases, top sales people quit because they do not feel they are progressing in the organisation. Therefore, make it easier for them to choose a career path in your organisation that aligns with your metrics and HR policy. For example, provide them access to online courses, networking events, or the chance to connect with top-performing sales teams in other companies. It is easy to retain them once they know you’re a part of their success.

6). Acknowledge and reward them for their efforts.
Assign high-priority tasks to your best sales talents. Show your appreciation for their efforts by praising and rewarding them for their accomplishments.

Final Thoughts
Be careful when dealing with your top sales talents. Never ever limit their potential. Always take them seriously and ensure they are not overworked. Make sure you pay attention when your best employees make suggestions about how your company could be better. This will help you keep the employees who are most excited about working for your company.

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