Outlier Venture lab is open to partners across Africa in climate and cleantech space that are interested in being active members of our community propel; Outlier Build, Outlier Make, Outlier Move, Outlier Grow, Outlier Energize, Outlier Learn.
We welcome interested companies matching this description to complete our online application!
We have three criteria for partnership: Climate, energy and cleantech focus, business and technology stage, and community fit.
Outlier Venture Lab is committed to increasing diversity, maintaining an inclusive community culture, and creating a more sustainable planet for all. We welcome applications from partners regardless of their background, core climate focused or related, ethnicity, race, gender, religious beliefs and age.
If your company seems like a good fit, we’ll have a quick introductory zoom meeting more or less like a discussion interview. From there, Outlier Venture Lab’s Board of Directors makes final decisions on all applications. The application process typically takes less than a month.