WELCOME TO THE Extractive Industry Sustainability and Investment Conference

Get ready to play a leading role in shaping a sustainable future! We extend our invitation to you to participate in the Extractive Industry Sustainability and Investment Conference, a pivotal event organized by Brockville Investments Limited and powered by the innovative prowess of Outlier Venture Lab.

About Us: Brockville Investments Limited stands as a prominent Project Development and Project Finance Advisory Company, specializing in the Energy & Natural Resources industries. Our unwavering commitment to advancing sustainable practices within these sectors has led us to pioneer groundbreaking initiatives, including the revolutionary Outlier Venture Lab.

Outlier Venture Lab transcends the conventional bounds of a venture builder; it is a trailblazing force in ClimateTech that challenges norms and envisions a transformative path to a sustainable future. Recognizing climate change as a global challenge, we view it as an extraordinary opportunity for creativity and collective action. Together, we are crafting a future where sustainability and innovation seamlessly intertwine.