We provide strategic advisory on business set-up, managing operational challenges; ensure regulatory compliance & avoiding risks to clients who are entering the Nigerian market.
We know that sometimes it can be a bit difficult to penetrate into a new market but if this decision is handled properly it would result in significant long-term gains for your business. The Business Outliers market entry services team can help provide you with knowledge regarding Nigerian regulatory, financial, taxation and commercial issues to help recognize opportunities and control risk through a statistics-driven target market analysis they would also help to develop a peculiar market entry strategy.

With our statistics-driven approach you would/should be able to answer the following questions;

• Will the target market understand my product/service?
• How do I market and promote my product/service in a new territory?
• How can I price my products and services to scale in the new target market?
• What is the size of the target market? Can I know if the potential target market is big enough for my product/service to succeed there?
• In what ways can I penetrate a market that will produce the highest returns? In what way can I effectively seek entry to the marketplace?
• What type of business would be best placed to produce maximum ROI on a potential opportunity? For example, should we begin by setting up a representative office or subsidiary? What about a joint venture? Or should we begin by tapping into a local distribution network?
• Should my products or services need to be adjusted to meet the needs of the target market? And how?



The Business Outliers is a business development enterprise.
Our enterprise development service helps SMEs with high growth and high impact potential to become commercially viable. We develop growth strategies for impact-focused African based ventures.
We also have a team that consists of professionals with vast experience and technical ability, best practice exposure and the know-how to serve you. We bring together a cumulative experience of over 60 years in Oil and Gas Asset Management Consulting, Banking, Risk Management, Hospitality, as well as Financial and Business advisory.


• Increment of speed to join market and ability to make the most of market opportunities
• Have access to reliable and tested business partners that can help accelerate your success
• Gain the knowledge and ability to scale quickly with minimum investment on your Nigerian operations
• Significantly reduce your risk of failure due to the uncertainty of expanding into a new/unknown market
• Shorten your learning curve by leveraging the knowledge and resources of a capable local partner